Puff, Puff, Poll: Insights into American Cannabis Consumption Habits

A fresh poll just dropped, reflecting that almost 60% of Americans are vibing with the idea that alcohol and tobacco are more damaging to your health than marijuana. This YouGov survey went deep, asking folks about their views on cannabis, and it turns out 64% think regular alcohol use is riskier than hitting the weed, while 63% feel the same about tobacco.

Only a small 14% squad thinks weed is more problematic than regular booze sessions. Another 16% crew believes cannabis is riskier than tobacco. Overall, 53% of the crew thinks both alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than marijuana.

This vibe matches up with other recent surveys. Like last year, Gallup found that Americans see marijuana as less harmful than alcohol, cigarettes, vapes, and other tobacco goods. Plus, more folks are sparking up the green stuff than cigarettes in the US, while vaping is still lagging behind.

Another poll published in 2023 from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that people are starting to perceive smoking weed or chilling with secondhand cannabis smoke as safer than being around tobacco smoke.

The new YouGov poll also found that a solid 62% of Americans are down with the idea of legalizing cannabis. That includes 71% of Democrats, 67% of indie voters, and even 46% of Republicans.

And when it comes to how often people are puff-puff-passing, more than half of Americans have dabbled in marijuana at some point, with 24% blazing within in the last year and 17% toking up in the past month.

Among those who’ve indulged in the past year, 24% are hitting the green multiple times a day, 11% are once-a-day tokers, and 20% are enjoying the vibe a few times a week.

So what’s the most popular way to enjoy? Smoking bud or weed takes the crown, with 61% of those who’ve tried weed saying they’ve done it that way.

If weed became legal coast to coast, 67% of those who haven’t tried it say they’d stick to sobriety. Another 14% are probably gonna stay clear, while 6% are thinking they’d give it a shot, and 2% are all in.

This poll spoke to 1,148 adults from April 5-8. Meanwhile, another fresh survey found that almost 60% of adults are surprised weed hasn’t been greenlit across the US yet.

And according to a Pew Research Center poll last month, 90% of Americans think marijuana should be legal for fun or medical reasons, believing it could boost local economies and make the justice system more fair.

Pew also found that eight in ten Americans are within reach of a marijuana dispensary. And those spots tend to gather around state borders, hinting that peeps are crossing state lines to get their hands on the good stuff.

A Gallup poll from last week showed that weed usage rates are pretty much the same in states where it’s legal and where it’s not, suggesting that keeping it criminalized isn’t doing much to curb its popularity.

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