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Live Resin is a form of Cannabis concentrate produced using fresh frozen material as opposed to dried and cured buds. This extraction method releases cannabinoids while retaining the terpenes and allows the extractor to capture the flavor of the live plant over the characteristics of dried and cured buds. Since these flavorful terpenes remain intact, live resin is considered a high-quality, connoisseur-level product.

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Elevate your cannabis experience with Live Resin, a premium concentrate crafted from fresh frozen material. Retaining the full spectrum of flavorful terpenes, this high-quality product captures the essence of the live plant, delivering a connoisseur-level experience.

This concentrate is produced by flash-freezing freshly harvested cannabis plants, preserving their rich terpene profile and potent cannabinoid content. The innovative extraction process results in a vibrant, full-spectrum product that delivers an unparalleled flavor and aroma experience.

From its unparalleled flavor profile to its unique effects, live resin offers a truly exceptional experience for cannabis connoisseurs. Here are some of the top benefits of incorporating it into your cannabis routine:

  • Rich Terpene Profile: The concentrate retains a higher concentration of terpenes, resulting in a more robust and flavorful experience.
  • Potent Effects: The flash-freezing process preserves cannabinoids, delivering a more potent and well-rounded high.
  • Entourage Effect: The full-spectrum nature allows for a synergistic interaction between cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Aromatic Experience: Captures the true essence of the cannabis plant, providing an authentic and aromatic experience.

The extraction method involves flash-freezing freshly harvested cannabis plants to preserve their terpene and cannabinoid content. This frozen material is then subjected to a solvent-based extraction process, typically using butane or propane, to separate the valuable compounds from the plant matter. The resulting oil is then purged of any residual solvents, leaving behind a potent and flavorful concentrate.

Live resin is one of the most flavorful forms of concentrate since the result is flush with cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes. These elements remain intact, and closely resemble the taste of the starting fresh bud material. The extraction process also makes for a higher potency end product suitable for recreational and therapeutic consumers alike.

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