Celebrate 45 Years of “Up in Smoke” with Cheech & Chong Limited-Edition Smoking Sets

In the realm of counterculture and legendary stoner flicks, few movies have rippled waves like Cheech & Chong’s “Up in Smoke” This year, we’re celebrating the 45th birthday of this iconic film, and to keep the vibes going, GALAXY TERPENES is dropping a limited-edition 45th-anniversary commemorative smoking set. And excellent news! It’s yours for FREE with any minimum purchase on But listen, fam – only 100 of these are up for grabs, and it’s a race to snag one before they’re gone!

The Holy Grail for Collectors:

GALAXY TERPENES’ 45th-anniversary smoking sets are straight-up collector’s gold for Cheech & Chong fans and weed connoisseurs alike. Each of the 100 sets is numbered for that authentic flavor, making them rarer than a unicorn in a field of four-leaf clovers. The dope factor isn’t just in their limited availability, but in the carefully handpicked goodies included within each set.

What’s Packed Inside:

Once you have one of these limited-edition sets, you’ve got a treasure trove of smoking essentials to level up your cannabis game. Each numbered set throws in:

  1. Grinder: Grind your green in style with a top-shelf grinder that’s not just a tool but a nod to the eternal vibe of “Up in Smoke.”
  2. Large Rolling Tray: Roll up your faves on a spacious, themed tray dripping with iconic scenes from the film. It’s a throwback to the classics that turned “Up in Smoke” into a cultural legend.
  3. Glass Ashtray: Ditch the makeshift ashtrays and upgrade to a classy glass one, stamped with Cheech & Chong’s unmistakable brand. Functional and fly!
  4. Dope Storage Box: Keep your kit organized and secure in an awesome storage box that’s a piece of art itself. Exclusive Cheech & Chong designs capturing the film’s essence – it’s like having a mini museum for your goodies.

How to Get Yours:

To secure your piece of ganja history, hit up, select from our expansive menu, and once you reach a minimum order, you can claim your free 45th-anniversary smoking set. But move quick . . . only 100 available, and it’s first-come, first-served. Blink . . . and you might miss out!

To wrap:

The Cheech & Chong 45th-anniversary smoking sets are your golden ticket to salute the everlasting legacy of “Up in Smoke.” With just a hundred sets, each numbered and loaded with curated gear, this is a collector’s dream. Don’t sleep on this chance to own a piece of cannabis history – visit right now and upgrade your smoking game to the next level with these iconic limited smoking sets!

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